Ever since launching our Feature Request board in 2020, we've been busy listening to our valued customers, building new features and functionality to continually improve SEOptimer. This month we launch six massive new features that we know you've been waiting for:


All updates have gone live for all customers on relevant plans.


1. Add Competitors to Audit Reports


The ability to add competitors to white label audit reports has been the most requested and upvoted feature on our Feature Request board. So we're very happy to be launching this feature.


When you run an audit report you can now specify up to 2 competitor URLs. These competitors will then be assessed against every criteria in the report. Starting at the top you'll see the overall score comparison and as you scroll down you'll see the competitor comparison for each individual check.


Competitor tracking


You'll notice the score dial for the main URL and the 2 score dials for the competitor URLs are colored differently. These colors match the tags in the top bar and are carried throughout the report in each check so you can easily see the difference for each URL visually.


Every single SEO check contained in the audit report is compared against your specified competitor sites making it super clear where your site's strengths and weaknesses lie competitively:


Competitor audit checks


Larger dials and images are sized smaller for competitor URLs so as to not detract from the main report and can be easily shown/hidden with the relevant toggle buttons:


Competitor backlinks


To add competitors to your next audit report, click the White Label Reports tab, enter the URL of the site you want to audit, then click the new "Options" button where you can specify up to 2 competitors:


Specify competitors


You can also add competitors when you run a Quick Audit from the search bar in the header. To do this, simply run a quick audit, and after it runs you'll similarly see the "Options" button at the top of the audit, where you can add up to 2 competitors.


2. Add Target Keywords to Audit Reports


The second most requested and upvoted feature on our Feature Request board is the ability to add target keywords to audit reports.


This feature enables you to specify a target keyword for each report. In the example below we've specified the target keyword as "the wine house". The audit then runs checks in 4 fields: Title Tag, Meta Description Tag, H1 Tag and Image Alt Tags for the presence of your target keyword:


Target keyword checks


To set up a target keyword for your next audit report, hit the new "Options" button in the White Label Reports area when creating your report and define your target keyword:


Specify target keywords


This feature also works in conjunction with competitors so you can generate an audit report based on target keyword AND competitor(s).


3. Schedule Audit Reports Crawls


We've added the ability to schedule White Label Reports and Website Crawls. You can schedule a one-off report or create recurring scheduled reports - for example, a monthly report:


Scheduled reports


To set up a scheduled Audit Report, create a report first, then click the new "More" button in the table and select "Schedule":


Audit report menu


You can then define whether you set up a one-off report or choose from a recurring weekly or recurring monthly report. Then define the date and time you would like t the report to run. You can also specify your time zone. In the example below this report has been scheduled for July 1 at 8am Los Angeles time (GMT -7). Finally specify the email address to send the report to:


Schedule settings


Scheduled Crawls work the same way too:


Scheduled crawl


4. Email Audit Reports


We've heard a lot of agencies love delivering Audit Reports during a client conversation or prospective client meeting. It's common for agencies to be talking to a client over the phone and send them audit reports during the call for them to open and discuss.


To make this process seamless and easy for you, we've added the ability to send Audit Reports via email directly from the White Label Reports page. Simply click the "More" button next to the report you want to send and select "Email Report". Fill in the email address and hit send. Within moments, the client will receive their report from a generic non-SEOptimer email address and you can chat through their results with them.


Email audit report


5. New Embed Form customizations


For customers on our White Label and Embedding Plan, we've added some nifty visual customizations to the default embed form:


  • Ability to show/hide Embed Form Title and customize the text
  • Ability to show/hide Embed Form intro paragraph and customize the text
  • Ability to customize the Submit button label
  • Ability to show/hide a new boxed layout and customize the background color and border style
  • Ability to add rounded edges to form fields


Embed form title


Embed form layout


For those customers who have already set up the Embed Form on their agency website, all these new options will be turned off by default. If you'd like to use any of them, just visit the Embedding Settings page, make the changes you wish and generate the updated embed code.


6. UX Improvements in Audit Reports


We've also listened to feedback about how to make our audit reports better. Some of our power users generate hundreds (even thousands) of reports per year so optimizing UX in audit reports is a big priority for us.


Here are some of the UX enhancements we've made to Audit Reports:


Moved Recommendations to the top of the report

Previously, report Recommendations appeared at the bottom of reports and we know this was one of the most important sections. So we've moved it to the top so it's front and center and easy to access.


Replaced the navigation bar at the top of reports

We've freed up space at the top of audit reports by removing the icon menu bar and replaced it with clickable links directly under each check. These contextual links let you skip down to the relevant section and remove the repetition previously.


Simplified report interaction options

We've consolidated all report interaction options into one bar at the top of the report which will be visible for logged in users only. When you share audit reports via the URL with your clients, the options bar will be hidden.


Made reports lighter

We've removed the heavy dark sections in the reports to modernize the look and feel and make them easier to print (section headers are white by default).


Let us know what you think


As most customers would know by now, we are powered by your direct feedback and product suggestions so please reach out to us on Twitter @seoptimer or submit feature requests and upvote features you want on our Feature Request board.